Vol 1, Issue 3: Breaking through into spring

Life is only possible because of change. In change there is always the death. This causes fear to rise out of unpredictability. Though we know we need discomfort to grow, it runs contrary to the socialised idea of stability we are taught to build our lives from. The places where we live can seem unchanging because they are familiar. But upon closer look our landscapes are made of a multitude of moving, changing parts. The condition of new life is leaving things behind. Spring is a series of breaking through, discarding what no longer grants us access to the life we want, or the way we want to be. I hope you enjoy the poems this week.

The Opposite of Death

The opposite of life isn’t death,

It’s the fear of one day falling,

It’s the side lines where you choose to live,

That stifles the voice of your heart’s calling.

The opposite of life isn’t death,

It’s the excuse your making,

Not to see the cycles  that breath us,

That Are always giving, always taking.

The opposite of life isn’t death,

It’s insisting not to see –

How you already are,

Not what you may one day be.

The Way

Maybe it wasn’t a set back,

Maybe that pain was a gift,  

Showing us, that beyond it,

Is a different way to live.

Maybe there isn’t an answer,

But a way we never feel too far,

From the earth that rises kindly to you

When you greet it, exactly as you are.

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