Vol 1, Issue 4: Savouring moments

Loved ones, Good Morning and welcome to the fourth issue! of GBooks. 
This week I’ve been thinking a lot about transience. Most of us, subconsciously subscribe to the instant on a moment by moment basis. Even when we are enjoying what we’re doing, our attention is often lured away by the not-so-savoury agendas of our technologies. (Even as I write this very newsletter, the temptation continues!). But when we remember the precious nature of moments, how we only have a finite amount, this changes time from something we can fracture, or something we can choose to experience fully. (Any advice on this would be much appreciated!). 
I hope you can take in the pieces this week, knowing that each moment is simultaneously coming together and falling apart as you sit and read and breathe.

The Sway of Things

As I walked through the woods

Of a lazy afternoon,

The needles crept in

Quiet flight,

Beneath my hastened foot

There seemed nothing

In between the leaves

But light.

As it fell through the

Summer drawn tide

And as the green leaves


One another,

The canopy sang

A sweet melody

In the breeze,

That wove a tapestry

Of timelessness,

In between the

Bark of the trees  

And as I stood

Stiller and stiller yet

There seemed nothing

Behind me,

And nothing ahead

Just the sway of things

In that moment.

And as the leaf took leave

Of its branch,

It silenced the earth

As it drifted softly

To where the land met grass,

Nature’s grind seemed to watch

And witness the fall,

But before I could blink

I had to take my leave,

And let the moment pass.

The Earth’s Music

In the morning there are brittle shards

In the subtle greens that line the grass

From small suns, that make frosts beauty last .

I felt somewhere,

A blade of latent beauty

Trickle through the air

Where even the scores of roses

Seemed full of a heavenly care.

The wasteland by the holly bush,

was steeped in the silk of dream

And far beyond the water’s edge,

Stars danced  in the bed of the stream.           

Nature watches the air rise,

And glisten

For the miracles that, each day

Grace the earth,

If we stop long enough

To open our ears, and listen.

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