GBooks came to the author, the ‘G’ in GBooks, who some of you may know as Gabriella, on a sunny day in a Finchley field on Valentine’s Day in 2019. Here is something she’d like you to know:

For many years I had a deep desire to share my written work without knowing how. I was worried that putting my work out in the world would take away from the sacred stillness in which it was created. For a long time, my only audience was the underside of duvet covers, the trees beside park benches, stolen spaces I carved out in lunch hours. I felt a clear distinction between the inner and outer world. Over time, this started to create a kind of tension.

This resistance was asking for something new. As I started to share my writing in a monthly newsletter, I started to realise that these two realms can not only co exist, they can converse and inform one another. The more I shared the stories from my own heart, the more I felt connected to the hearts of those around me – my close friends and family, people I’d never met; the readers of GBooks.

Over a year has passed and I’ve felt a niggling desire to compile my writing in one place, so that readers can return to previous issues and find out about projects I’m currently working on. Whether it’s poetry, articles, books & life writing, or events that bring people into community through ritual and listening, I hope you find something to bring you joy and comfort.

Everyone has stories inside of them to live and to share. These are mine.

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